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Join the Association Challenge where you can watch powerful and engaging educational sessions on topics relevant to your role and association. At the 2020 event we will be covering two very current and important topics. How to future-proof your association with sustainable meetings and How a diverse programme can keep everyone engaged. We have enlisted the help of two experts in these subjects and you can find out more about them below and why these are important to your industry.

How to future-proof your association with sustainable meetings

Events have always had an environmental impact. But, increasingly, members are expecting associations to reduce that impact as much as possible. This session will explain how organisers can maximise their chances of success by minimising their carbon footprint.

What you can discover:

  • How to get started on your green journey
  • Easy-to-implement actions for your next meeting
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions

Who is hosting this seminar?

Guy Bigwood

Guy is a recognised expert on creating sustainable communities through multi-stakeholder collaboration. As Sustainability Director (2006-2018) of MCI, the world’s largest association management, communications and events agency, he positioned it to be an award-winning sustainability champion. He also advised charities, non-profits and business associations on sustainability strategies as President of the Green Meeting Industry Council. His passion is inspiring leaders to develop new skills and collaborative networks to drive sustainable growth, accelerate transition to a circular economy and leave long-term societal impact.




Same old faces? How a diverse programme can keep everyone engaged

As your association grows, it’s important that the events you produce reflect the diverse needs and aspirations of your members – and if your speakers and panellists all look, think and sound the same it’s unlikely that will be the case. Producing a programme with a representative mix of ages, genders, and ethnicities, is not about ticking boxes. It’s not about ‘doing the right thing’. It’s about building a stronger, more informed and more engaged community. From planning to marketing to execution, this session will explain how to make diversity a core asset of your next event!

What you can discover:

  • Why diversity matters
  • How diversity can improve your event
  • How to weave diversity into the fabric of your event

Who is hosting this seminar?

Ashanti Bentil-Dhue, EventMind

Ashanti is a speaker, diversity expert and researcher. She is co-founder of Diversity Ally, the first HR, training and search partner dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive culture in the international business events industry, and co-founder of the global network Black in Events. She runs the London-based virtual events company EventMind.

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